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Religion in Sri Lanka

I had not given religion much thought before travelling to Sri Lanka, but once there you cannot help but notice it as it is everywhere. I had seen images of giant statues of Buddha in the travel brochure, but didn’t … Continue reading

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A short walk through the Isle of Dogs

If you’re looking for a short walk in London, you can’t go far wrong by walking from Canary Wharf to Greenwich, through the Isle of Dogs. I was looking for somewhere to go with a friend and her mother who … Continue reading

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Masterchef bingo

The latest series of Masterchef started last night, with the usual line-up of contestants chomping at the bit to reach the finals, with the dream of chucking in their day-jobs to open a resturant, write a cookery book and take … Continue reading

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Sri Lankan wildlife

Mention the word “safari” and I’m instantly transported to the wilds of Africa, and to game reserves containing lions, tigers and giraffes. So I was surprised to recently find myself on safari, not in Africa, but in Sri Lanka. I had gone to … Continue reading

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Do you judge a book by its cover?

Recently I was made to ponder this question, and found that in my case the answer is clearly “yes”! But let me backtrack a bit. How do you choose what book to read? I’m sure that 99% of people do … Continue reading

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